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Synergy of Congolese Women's Associations

Moza became a member of the Maman Shujaa Center in 2013, in order to learn computing, soon after graduating from university with a degree in Business.  She quickly became a very active participant in our Girl Ambassadors for Peace program, and became the program’s first leader  - leading literacy trainings, co-writing, organizing, and performing skits which highlighted women’s rights in Congo - to inform a largely illiterate rural population on this important issue - and mentoring other young women to develop their potential.  Her talent for leadership shone in that context, and she was quickly appointed to a position of responsibility in many other roles as well.


Moza became a business manager, teacher, and coach for our Keep Girls in School program, and continues to play a leadership role in it.  She also served as field manager for our « Rwenena Kids » program, teaching literacy to unwed teenage mothers and monitoring the progress of schoolchildren enrolled through that initiative.


In addition to her responsibilities with Keep Girls in School, which have now expanded to include training additional women-led organizations in the business model, Moza also organizes many special events at the Maman Shujaa Center, including One Billion Rising, International Women’s Day, Persons with Disability Day, and more.


Moza describes her relationship with the Maman Shujaa movement in terms of the personal struggles she has faced, as well: “I was born in difficult conditions, and two years after my birth, I became disabled because of polio.  After coming to the Maman Shujaa Center, my life changed. In my community, it is difficult to get hired as a disabled person, and even more so a woman.  I have become the voice of the voiceless in my community.  I help other girls and women to become leaders too. Long live Maman Shujaa and long life to mom Neema, who gives me access to training to become a leader.”   

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