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Synergy of Congolese Women's Associations

With a university degree in Law, Boniface has been a valued contributing member to South Kivu Province’s Civil Society for many years. Recognized as fair and articulate, Boniface has distinguished himself among his peers and before the government as an ardent Human Rights Defender. With more than 10 years of project administration and management experience in the nonprofit world, Boniface has become invaluable to SAFECO’s project implementation since joining the staff in early 2017.

After collaborating for years with her fellow PWD (persons with disability) in Civil Society, Neema hired Boniface to facilitate a meeting she had arranged between the government of South Kivu Province and eight committees she'd formed from indigenous and other communities living in and around the Itombwe forest. Boniface proved himself more than capable of facilitating and mediating between the government and the female and male committee leaders of many tribes. Ensuring each voice was heard and acknowledged resulted in the creation of a mutually beneficial agreement between the tribes and the government to protect the old-growth forest from further destruction due to the indiscriminate granting of mining and logging contracts.

These days, Boniface takes responsibility for the day-to-day operations of SAFECO’s many paradigm-changing programs; managing staff, overseeing projects and financials, liaising with local partners, Civil Society and government agencies, all with his heart firmly centered in the vision of the “Maman Shujaa” (Hero Women).

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