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Neema Activity Report - More Blankets DfG Kits and Flour Delivered

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Daily activity report for Saturday, 11/28/2020, SAFECO distributed to widows, elder women, elder men, destitute people from KAHWERA and other vulnerable people from Itombwe and Minembwe in distress. The items of basic need that were distributed are among others:

  1. 122 wool blankets,

  2. 150 DfG kits,

  3. 30 sacks of flour were distributed to the most vulnerable.

Neema Calls In For An Update:

This ceremony took place in an atmosphere of joy and serenity, where the moderator Pastor NYAPEYA thanked the following individuals and legal entities:

  1. SAFECO (Synérgie des Associations feminines du Congo;

  2. The Nayoti Church of COLOMBIAS directed by Pastor Samuel KADEGEMBE;

  3. Madame NYANGABIRE who lives in COLOMBIAS to whom the moderator gave the name of Esther;

  4. Madame Clémentine SHEMU who gave underwear to the most vulnerable widows, whom the moderator had given the name of Dorcas (Dorikasi)

  5. Madam the coordinator of SAFECO Neema NYAMADAMU to whom he compared to Nehemiah, for he showed the courage and dedication that Neema never ceases to show towards the population of the Haut Plateau in general and that of Itombwe in particular.

The word passed to the SAFECO Coordinatrice, Neema Namadamu. She gave condolences to the population, and thanked the Nayoti Church, Madame Clementine and Madame Nyangabire for the mercy which they showed in favor of the population.

She thanked the people for their endurance despite the hardships to which they’ve been subjected. According to the SAFECO Coordinatrice, she wants the displaced people from Itombwe to return to their original communities. She has promised them to make pleas so that peace and security are guaranteed to them.

Two mothers of Kahwera spoke on behalf of all beneficiaries, giving thanks for the basic needs they received. They wished a blessing from God to the benefactors mentioned above, especially since the gifts came at a time when they were in great need. They spoke about their desperate situation, how their homes were destroyed, all possessions destroyed; they were overwhelmed and abandoned at the mercy of nature (rainy season). You will find the way the ceremony went on the Umurage.TV.

Made this Saturday 11/28/2020 Maniragaba Byashoni John.

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