We operate a number of programs but really, everything we do is about one thing: 

Lifting Up Women

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Rising together

"I am not interested in making a little noise, I'm looking to change the paradigm!"
-Neema Namadamu, Founder
"We Africans are Rich and we are Proud"
- Enabling Women 
- Focus on Dis-empowered Congolese
- Grassroots Approach
- Partnering with local NGOs
- Changing Paradigm for Women World-Wide

- Keeping Girls in School
- Building Capacity of Local Leaders
- Raising Awareness of Women's Rights
- Planting Trees

Dedicate a birthday, wedding registry or just help raise money for girls in need.


Join our online community and connect with women in the Congo.  


Help get the word out about women's empowerment by sharing with your friends, family and networks.

Rise with us
Your donation will help empower women and girls where it's needed most!
Help Change the Paradigm
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