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Who we Are

We are the Maman Shujaa, or Hero Women of Congo. We are GRASSROOTS ADVOCATES for Peace, for women's rights, rights for the disabled, Indigenous rights, community rights, rights for nature, and the right to a future for our children. We operate a number of programs but really, all that we do is about one thing; lifting women, building women, elevating women's understanding, capacity, and ability to be the women they were created to be, for themselves, their families, and their communities.




Hero Women Rising aims to improve the conditions in which women and adolescent girls live in South Kivu province, eastern D.R. Congo.


To achieve this end, we use education and technology to amplify women’s voices; teach them to advocate for their rights and for the natural environment; build their economic capacity; and support the development of other community grassroots women’s organizations.

We envision a peaceful and prosperous eastern Congo, where women have equal access to meaningful decision-making at all levels and are empowered to contribute to society according to their own inspiration. 

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