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Kega wa kega

Director of Operations
Synergy of Congolese Women's Associations

I studied at the Higher Pedagogical Institute of Mbandaka, in the Province of Equateur, and at the National Pedagogical University of Kinshasa.

After my university studies I enlisted in the army in the Civil Guard Service.  During the AFDL war, in the late 1990's, I was appointed Territory Administrator in the high plateau of Minembwe based in Kagogo. During this period I had close contact with women, the majority of whom were illiterate. I taught them personal hygiene, cooking, how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and the usefulness of educating girls.  I instilled in the women that studies are for everyone and not for boys only, while revolutionizing them to no longer accept the increased discrimination against women. All the women from different tribes were revolutionized and they started to realize the importance of sending girls to school. They finally understood that girls and boys are equal, and that girls should not only be considered for marriage. I was a living example of this, a military woman and Administrator - the first woman to occupy this position!

While in Minembwe, I was also the first woman to build a small hotel out of durable materials.

A subsequent posting brought me to Bukavu, serving as the Director of Civil-Military Service. This office is especially responsible for the management of the social affairs of soldiers and their families, widows, and orphans, and the close relationships with civilians.

In 2007 I demobilized and entered civil society. I worked in the Women's Caucus and was very active, which led to a staff position in the South Kivu Governor's administration. In 2011 I was appointed Director of the Cabinet at the Provincial Planning Ministry of South Kivu. I was the first Banyamulenge woman to be the Director of the Cabinet in a Provincial and or a National Ministry.

With the change of administration, the incoming Governor appointed me as the Advisor in Charge of Education, in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.


In 2018 I ran for office as a provincial parliamentary deputy.  During this period I was also the President of the Board of Directors of SAFECO.


I was delighted to begin working as the Director of Operations of SAFECO in April of 2021.

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