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Office Manager
Synergy of Congolese Women's Associations

Anne-Marie became a member of the Mama Shujaa (Hero Women) Media Center in 2017, and aligned immediately with its vision, quickly becoming one of the most engaged members and representing SAFECO at local Civil Society meetings.  She joined SAFECO’s staff in the summer of 2019.  This is how she describes her relationship to the organization :

"After graduating from university with a degree in Information Technology Management, I spent many years unemployed.  I was frustrated to realize that my studies had not given me much practical knowledge of computer science, including working knowledge of the principle computing tools.  We had only learned theories, without practice, due to a lack of computers, which were rare at the time.


I became acquainted with the Mama Shujaa Center, which provided computer training for the benefit of all women and girls. Without delay, I undertook my training with great interest.


Thanks to information and communication technology, I acquire knowledge day-by-day that opens up new horizons.


The Mama Shujaa Center, in its vision of supporting women in socio-economic empowerment, hired me as accountant for the organization, based on previously established criteria.


Thanks to this praiseworthy vision of the Mama Shujaa Center, I can make a peaceful living by serving my family and others."

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