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Nath atosha

Computer, English, and Entrepreneurial Trainer Bukavu Center
Synergy of Congolese Women's Associations

I come from a family of 5 children, where our parents taught us the right values ​​for being a person of integrity.

I graduated from high school in 2015. I went to university in Kenya, and studied Business Administration for two years, serving as secretary for the department. But 2017 was a difficult year: both my guardian and my sister were diagnosed with cancer.  My guardian could no longer finance my studies, and my parents spent all of their savings to treat my sister's illness. I found myself unable to go home.


Thanks to a fundraiser, I managed to return to Congo. In 2018, the path of fate brought me to MAMAN SHUJAA / HERO WOMEN RISING. I first joined as a simple member, with the goal of looking for online opportunities to be able to continue my studies, help my sister and my guardian to fight the disease and also help my parents in their financial difficulties.


Neema spotted me and encouraged me not to give up. I joined the group of Girl Ambassadors for Peace.  Then I was hired at the Center part-time, first as a photographer and then as an English teacher. I now also co-lead the Street Business School program, an entrepreneurial training program to give women the skills to lift themselves out of extreme poverty.


Since then my life is no longer the same. The hard tests of 2017 forged my personality; the queen who hid within me showed her face. Today I am a fulfilled young woman, and I convey a hope to all those around me. What I earn at the Center helps me to support my studies online and also to educate my four siblings (only boys?). I am very proud of the woman I have become.


The struggle continues. I will not give up until I see my dreams come true. I dream of setting up a very large commercial enterprise. I also dream of earning a degree in Communications, and to publish articles, encouraging people who have a difficult journey to believe in the strength of their dreams and to fight to reach them.


I say, "If you live you can dream, if you can dream you can achieve. Never settle for less, believe in yourself and work hard. The future is bright.”

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