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Director of Programs
Synergy of Congolese Women's Associations

“I love to change Africa through young women, because it is they who will be the mothers of the nations of the world,” says Masoka.


Masoka is integral to the operation of both our Bukavu and Itombwe programs. A former Girl Ambassador for Peace, she formally leads our "Keep Girls in School" program and manages the Hero Women Media Center.  She also co-leads our Street Business School program, offering entrepreneurial training to women living in extreme poverty in Bukavu.

Masoka received her Baccalaureate degree in Financial and Accounting Management in 2015. In preparation for taking over the Keep Girls in School program, she completed a Micro Enterprise course at the Days for Girls University in Uganda.


Masoka grew up in the remote area of our Itombwe Center, and moved to Bukavu when she was nine years old.  She is happy to be able to work in the area of her home village, to change the paradigm for women and girls there.

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