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As a monthly donor, you join our RISE Solidarity Circle - people who have said “Yes!” to committed solidarity with Congo's Hero Women.


We believe that one of the most powerful aspects of our approach is that decisions about how money is used are made by and for the Maman Shujaa (Hero Women of Congo).

Monthly donors step into this relationship of mutual trust and support in a powerful, committed way - enabling the Maman Shujaa to address the most urgent needs of their projects month on month.

These needs typically include operating costs for the Maman Shujaa Centers, construction and school fees for our Girls' School, and program costs for our Keep Girls in School program.


"The Joy of Donating to HWR"


In 2014 our daughter Hilary met Neema Namadamu, became involved with Hero Women Rising,

and told us about this wonderful organization that is doing positive work to empower women

and girls through computer education, health/hygiene training, and ecology/environmental



My husband and I began donating occasionally to HWR, and in 2015, we met Neema for the first

time. Our friendship with her has continued over the years.  We decided to make a monthly

contribution knowing that this is the best way for an organization to have a budget and plan



One of the loveliest aspects of my knowing Neema and HWR is the web of connection that has grown with many other people.  One HWR project has spread to my friends in New York City, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County and Ohio who now donate and in turn have spread the word about HWR to others.


I like the saying that “women build webs.” Neema and HWR are certainly doing just that

all over the world, and I am delighted and encouraged to be part of that web.


– Deborah Witherspoon McFatter,  Flagstaff, AZ

Neema_Deb 2015.jpg

When you become a monthly donor, you make a commitment to women in Congo.  In turn, we want to commit to you.  As a member of the RISE Solidarity Circle, you will

- receive a beautiful welcome gift, handmade by our disabled women's cooperative

- access twice yearly group video calls with our founder, Neema Namadamu, for the latest updates and answers to your questions

- receive biannual impact reports, with stories of the women whose lives you are helping to transform

- join a network of local Hero Women Rising supporters

We would love to hear from you!  As a RISE Solidarity Circle member, what benefits would have the most value to you?

Please reach out to us at with any comments or questions.


We work to support the grassroots women's empowerment work of Neema Namadamu in the Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond.
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