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The first step is daring to dream.

Meet the Mama Shujaa - Hero Women - of eastern Congo, who are doing just that.

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"Thanks to Mama Shujaa I can seize on the computer and have started my own

small business."


"With help from the Mama Shujaa Center I have renewed hope. Somehow I will find a way to continue with my studies. I came to Bukavu following my dream to continue studying."


"I missed a good job because I didn't have computer skills. I came to learn these skills from the Mama Shujaa center."

With access to a computer and the internet, women are defining their goals and beginning to work towards them.


"If a girl reaches a certain maturity, she is married by force and the cows that the family receives in exchange for the dowry, pay the schooling of boys.  Since my mom died in 2016, Mama Shujaa has become my advocate."


"I study nursing in Bukavu. I live in fear from one moment to the next because as soon as my brothers get older, my parents can interrupt me so that my brothers can continue my studies."


"I am a person with disabilities. Through the Center I got a scholarship,

and I'm able to do my scientific research."

Your support enables these women (and many more) to

discover their own vision and goals. 

As they start to believe in themselves, let's show them that we believe in them too.

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