Rural health

In most countries, seeking healthcare in rural areas is a challenge.  People often must travel long distances to reach the nearest healthcare center.  Frequently, these remote outposts are lacking in equipment, supplies, and highly trained personnel.  Compounding the problem, education is often more difficult to obtain in rural areas, and therefore rural populations may be less equipped with knowledge to practice preventative care.

The Need

East Congo epitomizes many of the challenges described above.  In rural Itombwe, where we operate one of our two Centers, the local population faces a wide variety of challenges.  From not having access to clean water, to cooking over open fires indoors, residents suffer from environmental contaminants as well a lack of access to high quality healthcare.  Many mothers die in childbirth (more detail needed here - is it because they can't make it to the clinic? or the clinic cannot meet their needs? or?)  

The Programs




Masoka Tulambo (Itombwe) HIV training
Masoka Tulambo HIV training 2
Masoka HIV training Ruhemba (miners) 2
Masoka Mikenge(Itombwe) HIV training
Masoka HIV training Ruhemba (miners)
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