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Board Member
Hero Women Rising

Originally from Itombwe in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Stany served as SAFECO’s Director of Operations from 2014-2017.  During his time in that position, Stany took part in short and long term planning for the organization, in project design, implementation, and monitoring, and in management of SAFECO’s staff. Before joining SAFECO in early 2014, Stany was Academic Director at the Ruhengeri Institute of Higher Education in Rwanda.

Stany pursued his studies in three different countries, including DRC, Rwanda, and Nigeria, where he received a postgraduate diploma in Materials Science and Engineering from the African University of Science and Technology. Most recently, Stany participated in trainings toward a Master of Science in Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management from the University of Rwanda.

As SAFECO’s Director of Operations, Stany’s background in education and environmental conservation was a wonderful help in advancing the Maman Shujaa initiatives to educate women and girls and to address the impact of climate change in the Itombwe forest. As Hero Women Rising and SAFECO collaborate with partners around the world, it is vitally helpful that Stany is fluent in English, French and a number of local and regional African languages (Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, etc).

After moving to the United States, Stany joined Hero Women Rising's board in 2019.

Stany currently serves as the Lead Case Manager at Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains, located in Albuquerque, NM. At this position, Stany is in charge of the Reception and Placement Program for refugees and asylees.

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