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Meet Nyasa

Thanks to you, hundreds of girls in DRC have benefited from our Keep Girls in School program. Girls just like Nyasa. Meet Nyasa. She used to be afraid to leave the house when she had her period, because she didn't have adequate materials to prevent embarrassing "spotting."

"I couldn’t go with my friends into a public place. And when I was in class if the teacher told me to stand up, I wouldn’t stand up. Also I couldn’t play sports."

Nyasa, like most of her female classmates, would say she had a headache and stay home when she got her period, to avoid the shame.

How can a young girl hope to succeed in school when she misses 4-5 days of class every month?


Thanks to you, Hero Women Rising is making a difference in the lives of young women like Nyasa by providing them with safe, reusable, affordable menstrual pad kits through our Keep Girls in School program. What used to be a taboo subject is now talked about openly by men and women alike, including Headmasters of schools who are delighted by the improvements shown in their female students.

Today Nyasa says, "I now have good grades from the time I began using the kit. When a girl doesn’t have a kit, she has shame. Because I have a kit, I don’t have shame anymore." We are working towards changing the paradigm that these girls grow up in, because we envision a future for Congo where girls' education is valued and celebrated.

Your support makes stories like this possible. THANK YOU! In Love, Neema Namadamu Founder

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