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Neema Activity Report - Minembwe

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

1.This Friday 11/27/2020, the Coordinatrice met with Kinyama Carlos on the evaluation of all the activities of SAFECO that are underway in Itombwe and Minembwe.

2. Interview with the journalist from Radio-television Umurage.TV on the publication of the video of the distribution of the DfG kits in the various Schools of Itombwe and Minembwe; among others: Ilundu Institute, Madegu Institute, Minembwe Institute, Muzinda Institute and Kiziba Institute

3. Met with a Pastor Katosha and Mupenzi, advisor from Kinyabuguma (association of the Bashi community in Minembwe

4. Interview with Cadastral agent of Minembwe, Agée Sebikabu, on the sanitation and development of drinking water in Minembwe.

5. Establish the statement of needs for the activities to be carried out

6.Participation in a meeting organized by WFP (World Food Program) in the rural commune of Minembwe

7. Find out how to find WiFi at Monusco.

8. Interview with pastors and chiefs from the various villages of Itombwe on the inordinate rate of HIV / AIDS affected people in Minembwe, according to data from the general reference hospital of Minembwe, i.e. more than 200 people who were reached and the pastors asked the coordinator to preach to the Church and ask the population to do everything to protect themselves against AIDS.

9. Interview with a father and his wife who is asking for a grant for their child to do computer science in Bukavu.

10. Interview with Sebineza Rukoza, founding member of Evomi, on his support for this School by SAFECO.

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